Nourishment for hair to be strong

Luxuriant hair is the pride of each woman. It is always the truth at all times. Healthy hair has elastic structure, get brushed and styled without problem. It has shine, flexibility and softness. Thick bright hair is a cause of healthy body.

Reasons of hair’s diseases

The most common problems affecting the hair include seborrhea, thinning hair, slow growth and hair loss.

The reason of these problems can be different. For example, hormonal therapy, chronic diseases, physical stress, bad environmental condition, unhealthy food and therefore vitamin deficiency. So, if your body has lack of elements, your hair will never be healthy and strong.

Temporary hair loss can be in situation when woman is pregnant, with beginning of sexual life or menopause.

Considerable hair loss can appear in such diseases as diabetes, oothecoma, adrenal disease or endocrine disorders.

Stress often leads to organism and hair damage too. It breaks our health, making us unattractive grey-haired, with a lot of wrinkles and loosing hair.

Great hair problems are caused by ecological factors. Atmospheric emission, pollution, radiation are very harmful for our scalp and hair. Taking medicine especially antibiotics and hormonal treatment has a bad influence on hair bulbs development. Try to refuse from taking pills in any slight cold. Hard tap water with a lot of harmful substances could impact bad negatively on hair condition.

Junk food plays its own role. It contains too little vitamins. And if you eat nothing except it , your skin and care will never be healthy.

If you have some hair problem you should do spectral analysis of hair.

Spectral analysis of hair

Doctors in trichology clinic can help to treat and restore your damaged hair and scalp. First of all, it is necessary to make the diagnostic examination. It may include the different types of analyses, laboratory researches and general examination.

Spectral hair analysis is the most important examination that can help to find the reason of damaged hair. During this procedure a little tuft is cut off from the back of the head. The patient informs the doctors about medicine you used to and food you prefer. As a result you will receive information with a list of the microelements. It shows which microelements in plenty and which is in the lack. You will also know about the products you should eat to supply lacking elements.

Hair treatment is the long process. It takes a lot of time and patience.

Modern trichology clinics offer many methods for hair strengthening and renewal.

Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy employs multiple microinjections of the homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients. Medical substance is injected under the skin in 2-4 mm with the special thin needle. This procedure promotes the quick hair restoration. Nowadays, it is very popular treatment with a great result. Your hair becomes healthy, strong and shines.

Ozone therapy. Ozone therapy enhances the effect of medical treatment. This therapy has antiviral, bactericidal and fungicidal effect.

Trichology hair massage. It helps to normalize work of the oil glands, strengthen hair and stimulate its growth.

Cryomassage. It is a type of massage performed with liquid nitrogen, make blood vessels become narrow with following extension capillaries Cryomassage provides blood supply, what is good for hair bulbs nourishment.

Vacuum massage. Vacuum massage is a type of massage which is made with help of the big special nozzles. They one after another gently massage the whole scalp. This type stimulates blood circulation, accelerates head skin metabolism and fills cells with oxygen.

Microcurrent therapy. Microcurrent therapy employs a weak impulse of electric current on the skin.

Darsonvalization. It is known by using high-frequency alternating current and high voltage. This procedure has disinfective and anti-inflammatory action. It improves blood circulation and metabolism.

Scalp microionophoresis. This procedure implies medicine injection in the scalp while using microcurrent. Such procedure can cure hair loss because the medicaments penetrate into skin cells under the influence of galvanic current. The procedure stimulates the hair growth and improves its structure.

Laser therapy. It efficiently restores the hair growth, stimulates vital functions of the hair follicles. Laser therapy cures hair loss.

Phytoessential peeling. Special peeling substance helps to exfoliate the cornified flakes, save from chronic skin disorder and renew hair structure.

Galvanic peeling. During this procedure special comb is used. Instead of cogs there are electrodes. Galvanic current and peeling substance give together double effect. This method helps to take out the toxins from the skin cells and improve cellular tone.

Importance of healthy food for strong hair

Every single hair has the keratin shell that defends it. Hair strength and power depends on keratin integrity. Rough keratin passes the light hardly, so hair seems unhealthy and lackluster.

Balanced diet is very useful for the hair bulbs. If you have 5 meal a day, your hair will grow rapidly and blood circulation will be better. Good food improves hair condition as well as all the body.

Nutrients composition must be individual for the each person.  It depends from way of life. But correlation of protein (25%), fats (50%) and carbohydrate (25%) have to be constant.

Iron is very useful for hair. It promotes the high hemoglobin level. So, oxygen can reach the hair bulbs for great hair growth.

Following these simple rules you will be able to look extremely well and have healthy strong hair.

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